Maternity Reflexology

"Supporting women through their conception and maternity journey"

Do you want to feel nurtured, through the pre-conception period, pregnancy, birthing and postnatal period?


As a natural therapy reflexology is an ideal holistic way to prepare the body for pregnancy. Ideally both partners should be included in a pre-conceptual reflexology. Methods used in pre-conceptual reflexology include energetic balancing of the reflexology endocrine zones, for hormonal balance.


Maternity Reflexology is one of the most popular therapies used by women during pregnancy, it is very pleasant to receive, and induces a deep relaxation, promotes increased well being helping you to maintain balance at this special time. Treatments aim to ease the many discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy such as nausea, insomnia, sciatica, symphysis pubis dysfunction, groin pain, backache, mood swings, stress and anxiety.

Preparation for birthing

Research studies has shown that women having regular reflexology sessions during pregnancy enjoy better pregnancies with shorter birthing. (The Magic of Reflexology in Pregnancy 1994 study) It is recommended that clients have reflexology once a week at least 6 weeks before their due date for maximum benefit.

Being able to support couples on their journey from preconception, throughout pregnancy, the birth and during the postnatal period is a wonderful experience and one that I have been honoured to be a part of.

After baby arrives

During the postnatal period reflexology home visits are so valuable as you adjust to becoming a mother or perhaps you are balancing the needs of a growing family. Continuing to take care of yourself during the early days after birthing will allow you much needed relaxation time and benefits you emotionally and physically. I can visit you at home or you can come to my treatment room in Pagham, you can have your baby on your lap or by your side, whatever you prefer.

Would you like to be able to use reflexology to calm your new born baby?

This is also a time when I can give you advice on reflexology techniques to calm and soothe your baby and so encourage parental bonding for happy contented babies also to soothe minor discomforts such as colic and colds.


Initial treatment & consulatation (90 minutes) £30
Follow-up treatments (1 hour) £30
Additional travel charge for home visits

'I initially started having reflexology in my third trimester on a regular basis to help me unwind and have a little time to concentrate on myself, and the baby, by the end of the sessions I was always thoroughly relaxed! My actual labour only lasted four hours and it was as beautiful as it could be, I had the water birth I had wanted and truly believe that my relaxed state of mind was down to Linda and the reflexology she gave me. I thoroughly recommend her.'

Anna Wreford