What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy, based on the practice of stimulating the reflexes of the feet, lower legs, hands and face in a systematic manner using the thumbs and fingers.

This can help relieve tension and have a relaxing and healing effect on the body.

Most commonly the feet are treated, reflex points in the feet form a map of the body, by treating these reflexes the body can be treated as a whole.

Reflexologists believe that reflexology helps the body to restore its own innate balance naturally. A complementary therapist seeks to treat the whole person.

What to expect at your first treatment

Your initial treatment inculdes a 15 minute consultation, you will then be asked to take off your shoes and socks and recline on a comfortable couch in a relaxing atmosphere. At the end of the treatment most people feel relaxed, their feet feel warm.

“Linda came highly recommended to me by a friend. With a troubled back and at the end of my endurance I had nothing to lose. Wow! What a difference, even after one session! I truly can't thank her enough for regaining the mobility. Thanks again Linda.”

Matt Lowrey

Client aftercare

Reflexology relaxes the elimination systems of the body, to assist in this cleansing rest as much as possible after a treatment, you may notice a surge of energy, this energy is needed by the body to help with natural healing. Eat light nutritious meals and drink plenty of fluids after a treatment. Water may assist in flushing out toxins.


Initial treatment & consulatation (90 minutes) £30
Follow up treatments (1 hour) £30